Why Do Women Ask For Google Hangouts on Dating Sites?

Talking on a dating site only goes so far.

Usually, a woman has many men who have been messaging her. It can create a stressful situation when trying to reply to someone and already receiving more replies while she’s typing. It creates a sense of never being able to catch-up.

Sometimes, if you’ve been talking to her for a while, she may ask you to move the conversation over to Google Hangouts or another chat app instead.

Why is this? Is it some kind of scam?

Here Are Some of The Reasons This Might Be Requested.

  • For Convenience

Women are sometimes on more than one dating site. They’re often free for women to entice them to sign up. Learning and using each new website is a pain and they’re not always familiar with all the features available.

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With Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, or another messaging app, she will already use it to talk with her friends. So, she’s familiar with how to use its features and probably spends time in the app every day. Conversely, she has to remember to log into the dating site to check for messages and maybe won’t remember to do that often.

Keeping in contact with you is easier in a chat app she’s already using. It also separates you from the crowd!

  • To Live Video Chat with You

Some people try to scam women on dating sites. They may pretend that they are someone else or from somewhere else.

Using a chat app, they can request a live video chat to see what you look like at that moment. Anyone who pretends to look and be someone else will be caught out and need to make a weak excuse.

Why? Because all smartphones have a front-facing camera, so they have few excuses that will sound reasonable for why they cannot video chat. It will raise suspicion and chatting live protects against this.

It also creates a visual connection to you. As a result, you seem more real and a bond is created that’s hard to do with text chatting alone.

  • To Confirm Your Information

Basic information about your identity can be confirmed on a chat app, especially using video or sound clips. Your accent and facial features give a lot away about where you’re from and your nationality.

It’s far more difficult to hide behind a false identity when you’re on a Facetime-like video call.

  • Talk Privately Away from the Dating Site Platform

Sometimes, she doesn’t wish a dating site to learn more personal details about her.

By using a chat or video app that enjoys end-to-end encryption, she feels her personal details are safer.

Beware of Scammers

From the negative aspect, some people will move the conversation to Google Hangouts to commence a scam using a talking script.

They will eventually ask for money in one form or another giving a reason why which is completely against the service agreement with a dating site. If discovered, the dating site would close their account and possibly ban their IP address too.

By taking the conversation off the dating site, they protect their reputation on there and avoid losing their account. They get to scam another day…

While most reasons for moving a conversation to a chat app are reasonable, it’s good to know it could be connected to a scam. Always verify any information given out to know to whom you’re talking to.

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