Best Dating Sites For Older Women

When it comes to older women dating sites, there are a good few to consider. These are ideal for cougars looking for their younger conquest or young men who value an experienced hand and smart mind to help navigate through life with fewer pitfalls. Whatever the reasoning, there’s a growing desire for younger men to meet older women and dating sites are keen to jump on this trend.

Celebrities might be leading the way with this trend. Parings like Reza Jarrahy with Geena Davis, Keith Lieberthal with Julianna Margulies of “ER” fame, and Ashton Kutcher when he was together with Demi Moore all suggest it’s okay to date older – sometimes several decades older – and avoid dating a potential partner your age.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to date a celebrity to make this happen. There’s plenty of dating websites that present this opportunity either through filtering down their vast collection of potential suitors or by offering a tailored service for this small dating niche specifically. Both approaches work and have their benefits too.

As a bonus, dating sites are usually free to give them a spin. So, you can get an idea about who’s on there and only pony up some dollars later if you see potential in finding a good match on the site. This is great because it avoids disappointment.

Top 10 Older Women Dating Sites 2020

  • Match

If you’re looking for the largest pool of possible suitors, then is the real deal. They have by far the largest number of active profiles of people looking to partner up.

Once you’ve filled out the dating profile, the suggested matches will appear right away. The process only takes a couple of minutes. If you’re a man looking for an older woman, then that’s easily managed. Just list the age range that you’re after, along with educational level, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other details to narrow the field, and you’ll be presented with the best matches.

Best Dating Sites For Older Women

While Match isn’t designed expressly for younger men to find older women – you’ll need a much smaller, specialist dating site for that – the site receives almost 40 million visitors each month. That means there are plenty of 40+ and 50+ women looking for their perfect man and they wouldn’t say no to a dashing, young Millennial either. Teaching him how to Tango (and lots of other things) is likely to be her pleasure.

There’s a decent mix between men and women on the site. So, it won’t be difficult to find someone who lives in your city or town who’ll be a great match for you.


  • Largest dating site in the world
  • No shortage of profiles to review
  • More likely to find someone living near you (no need for long-distance romances)
  • A dating profile helps find someone who’s a better match for you
  • Match has stated that they get more seniors together than any other dating site
  • Use the site or try out their app too
  • 3 days for free
  • Elite Singles

EliteSingles is entirely different from other dating websites. It stands apart and with good reason.

This dating site naturally sides with the over 30’s set mainly because it attracts better-educated singletons. Over 80 percent of the members have a college degree (a bachelor’s right up to a Ph.D. in some cases). This is matched fairly evenly across the men and women although the subjects that have been studied often differ markedly.

For members, they can see their matches based on the initial personality assessment. Likes can be sent – similar to Facebook – to show when you’re maybe interested in them. It’s a little less direct approach and makes it more comfortable for people.

dating sites for women over 50

The advantage for younger men seeking older women is that the membership pool is higher leaning towards people who are more established. As long as the young man has some education behind him, everything is a possibility. There are still around one-fifth of the members who don’t hold a college degree at this time, so do not rule it out if that’s your situation. You’ll just need to show a more interesting personality and get some attractive photos on your profile to stand out more.

Membership does have a free tier. There are more women on EliteSingles than men by a small margin too. Several million monthly visits to this site also mean there’s plenty of people to choose from.


  • Higher-end dating site mostly for people with a college degree (80% hold one who are members)
  • Free membership allows limited actions
  • Two million monthly visits to this dating site
  • Plenty of members to choose from based on location, gender, and personality traits
  • Membership is typically over 30’s with plenty of members in their 40s and beyond.
  • eHarmony

eHarmony has a long history. You can partly tell this by the use of ‘e’ in the branding which was popular in the early 2000s when this site was founded. The founder was a Christian and while this speaks to the development of the site as a serious place to find a life-long partner, it isn’t expressly a site for any single religion. Indeed, four million visitors come to the site every month, so it has a broader appeal.

The focus on the site is to help people find a soulmate. It isn’t expressly for matching younger men to older women, yet because of its larger membership, it’s certainly possible to look for an older partner.

The lengthy questionnaire is the main differentiation between eHarmony and other sites. Be prepared for this. It will help to let other people know more about you before chatting with you. It does require extra time to complete it, but it leads to more suitable matches, enjoyable dates, and a higher likelihood of finding the right partner for you.

dating sites for senior women

The real benefit of the questionnaire when signing up is that the site gets all technical with fancy scientific methods being used to match better. This is where filling in the answers openly and honestly pays off significantly.

The balance of men and women is currently fairly even. Certainly, paid membership encourages people to put in the effort, so less time is wasted. It’s free to join, but paid membership includes messaging potential suitors more and greater access to member’s profiles.


  • Well-established dating site focused on long-term matches
  • Over 4 million monthly visits making this a popular site
  • Slightly more female than male members
  • A paid membership allows access to more profiles and additional messaging
  • A detailed questionnaire with a scientific matching system
  • Our Time

OurTime aims primarily through its marketing team at the over 50 set. However, the site doesn’t limit adults from 18 and upwards from joining the service. This leaves it open to explore the possibilities of finding a real cougar who is open to dating a younger man which is awesome!

The mix of members is only slightly overweighed on the female side with fewer male members, but not by a wide margin at all. This means that they’ll be plenty of women to meet on the OurTime sites for plus size women

Their system will recommend the people that they believe will be a good match for you. This is done based on the preferences for dating which you specify to the website. Homing in on the type of person that you’re looking for is important to get the best matches. This applies whatever age bracket you’re in or the age range of the woman that you’re looking for.

There is the OurTime website, but also now mobile apps for iOS and Android too. This means you can stay in touch with new contacts when out and about, and don’t need to use your work computer during the day to do so. It helps to keep your dating activities private until you’re ready to announce your new partner to the world of social media, close friends, or family.


  • Large dating network with almost 9 million members
  • Strong over 50 bias, but open to registrations from 18+
  • Popular dating site
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Strong matching features when supplying accurate information
  • Silver Singles

Silver Singles is from the same team behind the EliteSingles site. This means that you’re getting a mature site even though this one is younger than their first. The membership level exceeds 800,000 people, so it’s no tiny dating site either.

The site is targeting the over 50 crowds. The gray or silver hair that typically comes with age is where the site gets its name from. A good percentage of the Silver Singles set currently hold a meaningful degree, so the educational knowledge behind the members is significant too. You’re getting people who have lived 30 years as an adult already, know what they’re doing, and subsequently are either educated or street-smart aka know what they want in life.

The members are close to two-thirds of women and only just over 40 percent men. This provides a little more choice for the men. However, it will be difficult to sign up as a younger man as the site doesn’t cater to this crowd. The site serves older people wanting to meet someone of a similar age, who is a match for their sexual orientation and lives in the same city too.

It’s possible to sign up for free with Silver Singles. There are both a capable website and mobile apps to use the site on the move.


  • Site for the over 50s crowd
  • Maybe a little different to meet someone older
  • More women than men as members
  • Many members are college-educated
  • Web site and mobile apps
  • CougarLife

CougarLife, founded in 2008, aims to fill the need for cougars to find their younger male partner with ease and avoid broader focused dating sites without this specification. Started a few years ago but not showing its age like some other dating sites, the features available to members are, at times, better and more modern. This suits the younger set better who are used to using mobile apps and not much else.

One of the better features is a private photo booth concept where two members can share exciting photos of themselves without their being seen across the internet or by other members in their main profile. This alone makes the site interesting to hungry cougars looking for a fun toy-boy to play with who has the looks to get her interested. Similarly, outgoing women can share what they are comfortable with doing to younger men to verify if they’re interested in older women or not.


There is a priority messages feature, a live chat to talk with people logged in at the time, the option to send virtual gifts, and smart search options to help find your exact mate. The site also features some on-point articles helping members to take better photos of themselves and useful tips for dating and beyond.

For men in their 20s looking for a lady who is 10, 20, or more years their senior, CougarLife is targeting exactly this kind of relationship. This increases the odds of success for everyone.


  • Dating site specifically for older women to find younger men
  • Private photo sharing between two members
  • Live chat
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Around since 2008
  • Oldwomendating

Old women dating is another site that is trying to provide a service for older ladies who still wish to date. It isn’t explicitly for younger men too – men over 18 can join but there’s no upper age limit. As a result, you’ll be competing with other men of all ages for the lady’s affection.

Sign up is easy enough and can be done quickly via a Facebook connection feature. The age ranges that default in the setup feature is 30 to 70 which gives you some idea. However, the marketing is looking at 40-50 something cougars dating men 10-20 years their junior.

With Oldwomendating, this is a site that doesn’t shy away from looking for older women to sign up and find their younger man. The gender selection on the home page lists women as cougars and men as either cub or male, which gives a good idea about what you’re in for.


  • Targeting the over 30 to 70 age range
  • Suits older women looking for their “Cub” or stud
  • Easy Facebook sign up process
  • Smaller membership that a but better focused on what people are looking for
  • Website and both iOS and Android mobile apps
  • SeekingCougar

The SeekingCougar is another site that’s keenly interested in attracting cougars and meeting their desire to find a younger partner who’ll like them. The data collection is done only with permission here, so people who are concerned about privacy might prefer this dating site to others.

The site is designed as a more discreet way to meet a partner. This might be for a long-term relationship, an affair, a fling, or something else. No one is judging here. Bored housewives will often visit a site like this looking for some daytime fun without strings attached.

There are 5 million people signed up to SeekingCougar, so there’s no shortage of possible matches in a nearby town or city. There ar

e about an even mix of men and women, so if you’re a Millennial man looking for a woman with more experience than you, you might just be in luck.

Given the broad membership, this is a large dating site for older women keen on younger adult men. With membership this deep, it’s likely that a good degree of searching will be required, some communication, and time to find the right match. It certainly won’t happen overnight. On the other hand, because of the size of the membership and the site’s focus, you’re not going to run out of good matches either. Which makes the membership worth it.


  • Join up if you’re seeking a cougar
  • 5 million+ current members
  • Large site within a niche interest (older women)
  • Plan to sign up for 6-12 months to sift through the membership to find suitable candidates
  • Cougared

Courgared not only is looking for younger men to date older women, but they’re ambitious at the same time. Unlike many dating sites, it’s expected than older women should sign up to find their younger suitor. Men interested in finding a woman with integrity and life experience need a site of their own. This one is it.

The feature set for this dating site is communicative and social compared to many others. For instance, what people find attractive about social media networks is found here through various features that help to bring people together. This type of virtual matchmaking gets

those reluctant to join in to connect with other people and thereby bridge the age gap at the same time.

Signing up is easy to do. Basic information including age, location, and login details get you started with an account. However, to gain access to more features, then a premium account is required.


  • Modern dating site for self-appointed cougars looking for their cub
  • Social networking within the site appeals to women especially and attracts them
  • Virtual matchmaking features help make connections
  • Easy to sign up and get started


  • Age Match

AgeMatch is no spring chicken having opened its virtual doors in 2001. The site has always been focused on bringing people together who are a certain age and are looking for a partner of a certain age or age range. The site has been around longer than the term “cougar” has been in the lexicon. It’s not been unusual to find people who are looking for someone who’s not in their age range which explains this dating site’s success.

Dubbed as an age gap site for dating, there is a marketing approach that matches a twentysomething with a fortysomething or a fortysomething with a sixty-something. However, it’s not gender-specific, so it’s open to older men looking for younger ladies too. As such, the site while it can be used by cougars looking for their young man is equally suited to other people who aren’t a good match age-wise but would get along very well.


  • Age gap dating is the specialty here
  • Ideal for cougars and young men
  • Also good for other people with an age gap preference
  • Around since 2001


With older women dating, it’s always a good idea to know what you want and what you offer to a potential partner. Therefore, with dating, being clear around your personal preferences is key to success. Otherwise, you may meet someone that you can communicate well with but they’re fundamentally a bad match for you. That just never ends well and wastes both your time and theirs too.

With cougars and younger dating, if you’re the cougar, be clear if you’re happy to accept a younger man. He’ll be youthful but with less life under his belt, will make more mistakes and his tastes will be different. That’s unless he’s an old soul and knows it. If this is fine with you, then all for the better.

For younger men, be clear why you’re interested in cougars for dating. Are young millennial women too celebrity-obsessed (along with clothes, hair, shoes, and make-up) and are a nightmare to date? How will any older woman be different from this and will it be a better match for you? Do you find older women attractive? Attractiveness and sexual appeal are still important to any relationship, especially as a younger man.

Also, consider whether you wish to use a broad dating site that has no specific focus, one that’s based around a dating age gap (that some people may comment about in public) or a cougar and young men website/dating app. There are some advantages to a bigger site with more members in your home city or town, however, many older women (or younger men) won’t understand the interest in someone markedly younger or older and question why you would be so interested. That’s not a problem with an age gap dating site or one expressly for cougars that know what they signed up for.

Ultimately, picking the right dating site for dating older women is as important as choosing the right partner.